Monday, June 25, 2012

1000 Things 6/25/2012

     Disclaimer:  This email might be all over the place because 1000 things are going on in my head right now.  It is not my fault if it doesn't make sense.
     This week was another great week.  But before I get into it I had a few questions to answer.  Yes I did have a GPS mom, but it ran out of batteries while we were walking down the street, and we didn't have bikes because my companions bike tire was flat.  There are a ton of goat-head-stickers here and they destroy bike tires.  Luckily for me my bike tires are new and hopefully will not get punctured anytime soon *knock on wood*.  
I do have a question as well for mom.  I was looking at the Ensign at all the new mission presidents called and I noticed a guy named Chad Rowley.  I was curious if that was your cousin (at least I think thats your relationship with him) Chad or if it is somebody completely different.  
Anyhow, last week was great.  We had a baptism on Saturday, which was incredibly spiritual.  The man who was baptized, Josh, was so prepared and ready for it.  He mentioned after the baptism that this was something he was putting off for 10 years.  His wife was already a member of the church for a number of years, or she was born into it, I can't remember, and all of his seven daughters who are of age are members as well.  They were a huge influence on his decision to get baptized, because they would always talk about their parents going to the temple so they could be together forever. I have only begun to get to know them, but they are a great family and we're excited to start the new member discussions with them.  
We have received quite a few referrals from the ward this last week.  It's really like their just falling into our laps.  Girls camp was last week and a few of the girls brought their non-member friends with them.  After their experience at girls camp, at least three of them that we know about want to start learning more about the church and want to get baptized.  Today we actually have a dinner with a family and their non-member friend went to girls camp.  She is bringing her whole family and if everything goes well.  We will begin teaching them and taking them on a church tour sometime this week.  
This week is looking to be quite an eventful week for everyone.  A baby blessing, a new mission president, lots of teaching opportunities.  I can't think of a whole lot more to update on, so I'll just close by saying happy birthday to Azure, and I hope Sophia's baby blessing will be a great experience.  Love you all and have a good week.=)
Love,     Elder Stacey

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