Monday, June 11, 2012

Transfer to Moses Lake June 11, 2012

  I don't have a whole lot of time today since I'll be packing, but before I forget, because I did last time you asked, yes I did get that piano book and thanks a bunch I love it.  Unfortunately I won't get to use it as much because I am in fact getting transferred.  It makes me really sad to be leaving Libby.  I started out loving this place, but have come to love it and the people more and more over time.  
I am getting transferred to Moses Lake.  It is referred to as the Zion of the mission apparently.  There are about 20,000 people there and whatever percentage of that would create 12 wards are members.  I will be serving in the 1st and 3rd wards.  I am a little sad because I am going from one of the prettiest places in the mission, to one of the flattest and ugliest=(. Also I have now served in the Easternmost part of the mission and now I will be close to the Westernmost part.  
We had an eventful week this week working with some less actives and potential investigators, but for the sake of time, I am going to share one miracle with you.  We just found out this morning that Linda Dabel has had some experiences yesterday(Sunday), and because of that she said she is ready to be baptized.  After the first couple of meetings we had with her, I had a lot of faith that she was going to be baptized, it was just a matter of when.  There were, however, some big questions she had about the church that were hard for her to get over.  She would always tell us that she would eventually get over it, but it would take some time for her.  Her statement has just told us that she has overcome all of her major concerns and she is ready.  She will probably be baptized before the month is over.  I may not be here for her baptism, but that doesn't really matter.  What matters to me is that she is making this decision that will bless her life so much.  I am so happy for her and the decision she's making.  
Well sorry I don't have more time to write, but I want you to know I'm doing well and I'm very happy.  Love you all and have a wonderful week.
Elder Stacey

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