Monday, June 18, 2012

Busy Week June 18, 2012

 Hi Family,    
This has been kind of a crazy go go go week.  It started out on Monday, which consisted of me packing, saying goodbye to people, and having a lesson with Linda Dabel.  Tuesday I had to get up at 4 a.m. so I could be in Spokane by 8 a.m.  Then, when I arrived in Spokane, I pretty much immediately left on the transfer van to take a round about course through the mission as it dropped off elders and sisters at different locations, Moses Lake being the last stop.  All in all, I spent about 8 hours of driving time on Tuesday.  
I met my new companion and we spent the rest of the day meeting investigators/members.  My new companion is Elder Bernards, from Cedar Hills, Utah.  And the only explanation I need to give of him is that he is a carbon copy of Mckay in mannerisms and in personality.  Like I said Moses Lake has a really high LDS population for a city outside of Utah-about 25% of the city are members-but from what I can gather, some pretty hefty reactivation work is necessary in the area.  There seems to be a lot of that work going on right now actually.  Quite a bit of the recent success in Moses Lake has come from reactivated members coming back to church and their family getting baptized.  
This Saturday, we have a baptism.  His name is Josh Dale, and his wife and all 7 of his daughters who are of age are baptized, active members.  He was never really interested until recently.  Family is a huge deal for him and all his daughters telling him that they wanted to be sealed to him softened his heart to the point that he is now ready to be baptized.  Thats about all I know of him.  I could probably share more about him next week when I get to know him better.  Anyway back to the week.  Wed, and Thurs, I were such a blurr that I can honestly say I don't remember what we did, except that it was missionary work and we were busy.  Friday Elder Bernards had a new district leader training in Spokane for 6 hours, so I was with a missionary from another district whose companion was going to the same thing.  I had to find my way around my area without a car, or bike, or GPS, which was kind of difficult.  Before I forget to answer your question mom, we are in a part time car area, so we have a car for half the week.  The rest of the week we bike or walk.  Saturday afternoon was spent inviting less-actives and investigators to Stake Conference.  
We had a wonderful Stake Conference.  Elder Anderson came to the Moses Lake stake conference and so many people wanted to come they had to rent out the local colleges stadium.  The theme of the conference was strengthening faith in the family, so every talk was about family and the importance of it.  Since it was Father’s Day quite a few of the talks were themed towards the fathers role.  Speaking of fathers day, I hope every father had a great one, especially dad.  One thing Elder Anderson said that I loved was, "One of the best things you can do for your children in this life is to teach them who they are."  Talking about our literal relationship with our Father in Heaven and our eternal potential because of it, Elder Anderson said is one of the most important things that a parent can do.  So stake conference was amazing.  
This week is going to be pretty busy as well.  First of all, the baptism is a huge deal and we're super excited about it.  Also, tomorrow, President Palmer is coming to our district meeting and we will see him for the last time before he leaves.=(  Next Friday, President Mullen will fly into town and President Palmer will be gone.   I am really excited for this transfer and I am really excited to be here in Moses Lake.  I hope you all have a great week.  Love you all. 
Elder Stacey

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