Wednesday, June 6, 2012

New Uncle May 28, 2012

  Hello from Libby.  First of all can I just say that Sophia is such a cute little girl!  I have to admit that I wasn't expecting that email yet, but seeing that picture just made my week.  Sounds like everybody is also doing very well, so that's good to here.  We have some good things happening here in Libby as well.   We are hoping to have 3 baptisms this upcoming month.  We have prayed about it and feel good about that goal.  The three people are first, Linda Dabel.  She is ready to be baptized.  She tells us almost every time we meet with her that she would like to be baptized.  We had a great lesson on the priesthood with her last week and she understands the importance of being baptized by that authority.  The ward seems to still be dragging its feet about trying to request her records, despite the fact that we ask them to do it at least twice a week.  It's okay though because it will happen.  Jennifer Roark is doing pretty well too.  We haven't been able to have an actual lesson with her for about two weeks though. But we go in and make short visits to her to see how her prayers and scripture reading are going.  She is doing both, including reading the scriptures with her son.  She also has made progress in the sense that she is not so uncomfortable about other members of the church as to require Jack DeShazer to be at the lessons instead of someone else(if what I just wrote makes sense).  That's a huge step for her.  We are going to have a lesson with her tomorrow and we are going to bring Matt and Nicci Hollingsworth with us.  We are also going to be extending a baptismal goal for sometime in June.  The third person we've been teaching is a lady named Eva Donaldson.  She was actually a referral from the senior couple in Troy.  She lives at the Libby Care Center and is roommates with a less-active member of the Troy branch.  The Johnsons went to go visit this less-active lady, and now she wants to come back to church, and Eva wants to learn more about the church.  We have stopped by a couple times a week since then to read with her and see how she's doing.  She has been reading the pamphlets that we give her and she loves them.  She really likes to learn about the gospel and we are going to be talking about baptism with her hopefully soon.  I feel like the best part of being a missionary is seeing these people grab hold of the gospel and to see the change in their attitude, countenance, actions, etc.  The Gospel of Jesus Christ is real.  I've seen the gospel change the lives of people where nothing else could.  It's incredible and it has just increased my own testimony so much.  Anyway I love you all and have another great week.

Elder Stacey

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