Monday, July 9, 2012

Teaching July 2, 2012

 There have been a few highlights from this last week.  First and foremost, the news about Matt and Felicia is way exciting.  I really am so happy to hear about that.  Something really exciting that I found out last week was that I received a text from the missionaries in Libby informing me that Linda has been cleared for baptism and her scheduled date is July 15th.  

Also this last week we found a family of five that we have begun teaching.  Or, rather, a member family invited them and we started teaching them.  This family (the Shirks) is an awesome family.  They do not have a whole lot of recent experience with religion, so we started talking about Christ with them.  Later in the week we gave them a church tour and it went really well.  The father especially was so interested in the message of the Restoration.  The thought that we had a living prophet on the earth today and the priesthood authority restored seemed to have a tremendous impact on him especially.  The only problem now with that family, is that they are going down to California for six weeks to visit some relatives.  The father will be staying for three weeks here by himself and we hope to be able to teach him a little while he's still here.  

We also met with a man who was a referral from our zone leaders.  We didn't have any investigators come to church on Sunday for the second week in a row, so this week we are focusing quite a bit on helping our investigators see the importance of church.  We had been teaching a less active a couple of times who has been in and out of prison for most of his life.  When we met him he was telling us how he was trying to fix his life and get his life in order because he wasn't making any progress the direction he was going(I guess it can sometimes take people 6 prison trips longer than others to figure that out).  Anyway he told us he was going to be at church last week, and called us the Saturday before letting us know that his friends invited him to a Nickelback concert in Spokane  (well, he said it was to go sightseeing, but we are pretty sure he went to the Nickelback concert) so he was going to do that instead.  We have not seen or heard from him since and we are afraid that he probably got mixed up with something he shouldn't have in Spokane and might now be back in jail.  We really hope thats not the case however.  But it did cause me to think back on stake conference my first week here, when one of the general authorities asked us "Why?"  "Why teach your family about Christ raise them in the gospel?"  Well, thats why. 

 I've realized that the happiest people in the world are the ones that understand gospel principles and live them.  Living these principles prevents a multitude of things that will eventually cause people a lot of grief and sorrow. So why raise your children in the gospel?  Because it is the only thing that will bring true and lasting happiness.  That has been something running throught my mind pretty much since I have arrived in the mission and seen the drastic, black and white difference the gospel makes in a personal, and family setting.  We are going to have a really busy week again this week.  We are still trying to contact many referrals that we've been given, so more on those next week if anything pans out.  Hope you all have a great week.  Love you all.

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