Monday, January 7, 2013

Staying in Moses Lake 1/07/2013

  Good morning everybody.  First of all, I am super jealous about the snow in Utah.  We got a white Christmas afternoon, and its been cold enough here that the snow has pretty much stayed since then, but we have only received a few inches for the whole year.  Amounting, I'm sure, to less than 6 inches=(  Well like I said, last week was the end of our transfer.  We got our calls yesterday and found out that we are still both staying together.  Elder Isaacson and I will be together for four transfers by the end of this one, and six for me in Moses Lake.  Thats weird for me to think about because now I will have been in Moses Lake for the same amount of time that I was in Chewelah and Libby combined.  I am so excited though to stay in Moses Lake still.  There must still be something we need to do for another transfer. 
     We had a slower week because of the Holidays, but it was still good.  We had a couple lessons with Forests grandson, Jacob.  He was down on himself this week and had a lot of questions.  He was just getting frustrated that he didn't understand everything all at once.  As we had our second lesson with him, we were praying about things we could teach him, our answer came in the January Ensign; the first presidency message and Elder Anderson’s message on wisdom.  We taught about patience in learning things of the spirit and it really helped lift his spirits.
     Marcus and Melissa were sick this week, and weren't able to make it to church on Sunday.  After church we went over to their house with Josh Dale and gave Melissa a blessing.  They have picked March 11 as the day they would like to be married.  Just keep them in your prayers that they will continue to stay committed to their goal and perhaps even move it up as we teach them. 
     Brittney, the Dales niece, was out of town this week, so we weren't able to have a lesson with her this week, but we talked to sister Dale and Brittney is very committed to her date.  She is enthusiastic about it and you can tell she is happier.
     We had a lesson with a family we tracted into a few weeks ago yesterday which was awesome.  This family is very leery about churches and like to just stick to the Bible, but when we tracted into them and testified about the Book of Mormon and the restoration, they talked together and decided that they would read the Book of Mormon as a family as they read from the Bible.  We are going back next week to see how their reading went.
     Amy moved out of her apartment and into a house down the road from where she lived.  We were able to help her a little on Monday, but since Tuesday was our p-day, it was going to be a struggle to try and help the family move.  Luckily one of the sisters in the ward called our bishop and he got together a moving crew and they were completely moved into their house in less than two hours.  We have been working on and off with Amy since I got here in June, and I always pray that there can be something to touch her heart and help her to get more excited about the church.
     Thats about it for the week.  It's very exciting to begin another transfer in Moses Lake.  I hope you all have a wonderful week.  Love you all.

Elder Stacey

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