Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy New Year 1/01/2013

    Hello and Happy New Year.  Where did 2012 go?!?  It is hard for me to think that another whole year has come and gone.  We had a great week of missioning to end 2012 though.  Christmas, first of all, was so much fun.  It was very nice to be able to see most of the family.  Especially the new nieces.  It sounded like a great time over on the coast with the family.  I have to admit I am a little envious about all the cool historical sites you got to see.  
     The day after Christmas we had a district meeting that was focused on following up on commitments we have left people, and how to be bold AND loving when showing disappointment for when they don't keep them, which was very timely because we had to follow up on Marcus and Melissa, who smoked on Christmas eve.  I believe we were able to apply the things we learned at the meeting quite well because in our follow up visit the spirit was definitely there as we testified to them of the importance of keeping the commandments and being baptized.  We committed them to follow the 15 step stop smoking workshop, and since then they have not smoked a single cigarette.  They are now deciding together when they are going to get married so they can be baptized, so keep them in your prayers that they can make that decision soon.  
     Jacob, Forests grandson is doing great as well.  We had a lesson with him on Saturday and put him on date for Feb 9th, but found out that he will not be available that day, so we will have to find another day for him.  He is super excited about the church and wants to be a part of it, which is awesome to see in a teenager.  
     We had a miracle this week on Wednesday.  We went to Walmart to get a few supplies for Marcus and Melissa, since they don't have a car, that they would need to start the workshop that night.  While we were getting some vitamin C, a lady came up and started talking to us.  As our conversation progressed, we found out that she was moving the next day and we offered our services, which she accepted.  As we helped her move on Thursday, we were able to talk about the church and learn more about her beliefs.  She was very receptive and thankful that we stopped by.  Before we left we had a short lesson with her about the Book of Mormon and gave her a copy.  We also found her address so we could refer her to the missionaries where she was moving to.  They helped her move in and have an appointment with her tomorrow.  There was a mover there that was a friend of hers and we talked to him as well, found out that he had met with missionaries as well and gave him a number that he could call to find missionaries in his area(he was moving and wasn't sure where quite yet).  It just showed us the importance of talking to everybody and taking every opportunity you have to teach as well.  I don't know if they'll get baptized, but at least they have a higher opinion of Mormons and we did all that was in our power to help them find the gospel.  
     Anyway things are going great for us.  Transfers on Sunday so I will find out once again if I am staying or going.  I have been 7 months in Moses Lake so I could very well go, but whatever happens, I will be happy to do it.  I love you all and hope you have a great week.

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