Monday, January 14, 2013

"QGC" 1/14/2013

     This has been a great and busy week.  We have had quite a few meetings this week so many of our mornings have been spent sitting and learning.  But thats okay, because we really have been able to apply the things that we have learned to our proselyting efforts.  These last few transfers, the mission has been focusing a lot on quality gospel conversations with everybody we meet.  A quality gospel conversation or "QGC" for short is a conversation with a nonmember in which we teach about a gospel topic, and then extend a direct invitation to them.  This stems from a promise that Elder Perry gave that if the missionaries were to talk to ten people a day outside of tracting and other planned appointments, then baptisms would double in the mission.  Well we have seen some success this week as we've gone out to work and focus on getting QGC's.  And I feel not just limited to our finding efforts.  
     We had a great lesson with Jacob this week and he is now on date to be baptized Feb 16th, and is way excited about it.  When he comes to church he loves it and participates in class.  Many of the questions he has had have either been answered through prayer or don't seem to be a deal with him anymore.  Two weeks ago we talked about the Book of Mormon and its power to answer any questions we may have, and he seems to have taken that to heart.  Forest as well has been a great example for him.  Speaking of Forest he is going to the temple this weekend to do baptisms for the dead and is super excited.
     Jannette and Jose are a couple we have been working with somewhat since September, but they have been so busy we hadn't been able to schedule an appointment with them for about 3 months.  After the holidays, things have slowed for them and we were able to take them on a church tour.  I love going on church tours, they are always filled with the spirit and people go away more uplifted every time.  This was no exception.  When we got to the picture of Jesus Christ being baptized and discussed it for a few minutes, we invited them to be baptized.  Jannette in particular told us that that is something she would definitely consider if she was able to gain a testimony of the church.  Jose is a little quieter, and didn't speak as much, but you knew that he was contemplating the things that were said and he felt the spirit.  And we have another lesson scheduled with them this week.
     Marcus and Melissa came to church again this week and haven't smoked since we gave them the stop smoking workshop, but making contact with them has been pretty difficult this last week in their home.  And living way out in 1st ward boonies makes it hard to just stop by.  We definitely have to make contact with them this week though.
     We have a new investigator this week, a nine-year-old named Ethan in 1st ward.  His grandma is active in the church, but his dad is a non member, and his mom is not active currently.  Ethan has asked his grandma about baptism and wanted to know why it was important, so she invited us over for dinner and we taught him about baptism.  When we go back this week we really hope to be able to make some progress with his parents as well, because they are great people.
     Thats it for this week.  I pray all continues to go well at home with everybody.  Love you and have a good week=)

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