Thursday, January 3, 2013

Merry Christmas in Moses Lake 1/24/2012

  Hello everybody.  Merry Christmas!!!  I don't have much time today so it will be super short.  First off, I am super excited to be able to call home tomorrow.  I don't know for sure when I will call, but hopefully before noon (pacific time).  I can't believe Christmas is here already, December just flew by.  
     Anyway, I have just a couple things to recount this week before I have to go.  Marcus and Melissa are still doing great.  We had a lesson on the law of chastity with them and committed them to get married.  They told us they want to, but they want to do it right, so they want to get married in February.  
     Brittney, who is the niece of the Dales, has accepted a baptismal date of February 21st.  When we began teaching her she had two major concerns, which were the approval of her mother and reading the Book of Mormon.  The very next day after we taught her the first time and her mom brought up the topic and let her know she was okay with it.  We also committed her to read the Book of Mormon and she has found answers in it and has began to enjoy reading it.  She is awesome and way in tune with the spirit.  
     We also had a lesson with Jacob.  I was on exchanges so I wasn't there, but apparently it went well.  We invited him to a baptism and he loved to witness that as well.  
     So things are doing well in Moses Lake and a lot of baptisms coming up in the next two months.  Love you all and hope you have a great day and a Merry Christmas.

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