Monday, December 26, 2011

Email 12/12/11

   Hello again from Chewelah, we had a great week here.  We had a couple of really great baptisms on Saturday and Sunday.  James and Chris both got baptized and both had a great turnout to them.  Chris Larkin probably had over half the ward attend his.  Not many people were willing to miss that one since he had pretty much been a part of the ward for two years.  But like I said, both of the baptisms were awesome and spiritual.  Because of these baptisms we will have to try to find some new investigators.  We have a few really great potentials that we just need to contact first and I know that there are more out there, we just need to find them.  Other than that, we started a new program called teaching in chapels in our area.  Our zone was the last one in the mission to receive them, but now that we have them I love them.  They have a lot of purposes, but their biggest is to get an investigator to have his or her first lesson in the church where the spirit can be felt stronger.  We spent much of last week taking the members through so they know what it is and how they can help make the chapel tours effective.  Thats about it for this week,  transfers are next week and so if anyone is planning on sending mail that will probably arrive next week then you might like to send it to the mission office until I find out if I'm staying or leaving Chewelah.  Have a great week everyone.
Love,  Elder Stacey

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