Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Help From Members 2/04/2013

     Good morning everybody, how is it going.  Hope you all had a good week last week.  We had a super week.  It has been so nice outside (in the 50's) that we have been walking around a lot, and have met some good potentials, and have had some great lessons with everyone we're teaching.  
     We taught Jacob the Word of Wisdom this last week and he really seemed to understand it and why it's important.  We committed him to living the Word of Wisdom and he is still looking good for February 16th.  
     Marcus and Melissa are awesome as well.  Marcus is still feeling pain from his blood clot, but really wanted to come to church on Sunday.  Josh picked him and Melissa up and they went to the stake center for stake conference.  I was especially impressed with Marcus.  You could tell that his leg was giving him quite a bit of grief and it would have been a lot more comfortable and convenient for him to just stay home.  In a specialized training we had last week, we were told to ask ourselves a series of questions at the end of every lesson we have with an investigator.  One of them was,  "What evidence is there that their faith is growing and that they are preparing to enter into the covenant of baptism?"  Well Marcus and Melissa have shown time and time again that they are exercising faith and repenting by everything they do.  When we committed them to stop smoking, they never smoked another cigarette, when we committed them to live the law of chastity, they set a date to be married and are sticking with it.  The commitment they've made to come to church every week and read the scriptures on top of that is such  a huge testimony builder to me.  
     We had another lesson with Josiah this week on the Plan of Salvation.  It was the shortest Plan of Salvation lesson I have ever had on the mission and it was super spiritual.  We invited him to be baptized on March 9thand he told us that he has really been accepting the things we have taught and he really wants to pray about it to make sure it's right for him.  Josiah rocks.  He read through the whole Book of Mormon since we met with him and is going through it again to try to pick up more of the spiritual things in it.  He also really understands the principle of faith and patience.  He is not very concerned with knowing it all right away, but he feels as questions come up that as he researches the questions will (and some already have) be answered.
     We took Glenda on a church tour with Bishop Tucker.  As we were able to talk to her throughout the tour, I definitely felt that this is something that she wants in her life.  She has gone through a lot recently financially and spiritually and has really felt the need to strengthen her relationship with Christ.  Bishop Tucker was very friendly to her and invited her family to his home today for family home evening with he and his wife, (and us).  
     This has been a wonderful week.  Moses Lake is a great place to be a missionary.  The members are great at helping us find and teach people, and I just feel like the Lord is pouring out his spirit here.  I love you all and hope you have a great week.

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