Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Airway Heights - New Area 2/25/2013

    Good day all.  This pday has been a super weird one and I haven't had time to email until about 2:30, so this will need to be kind of short.  First of all, I am really excited about my new area.  I am in a city called Airway Heights, actually about 10 minutes out of Spokane, and we cover 2 wards.  My first day there, I was greeted with a snow storm=(  Being used to near 60 degree weather, it was a little disappointing, and cold.  Elder Christensen is a great companion as well.  He is enthusiastic for the work and has a real love for those we teach.  I feel I have been able to get to know the area as well as I can in a week.  We have a pretty small teaching pool right now, so we spent a lot of time tracting, but the people we are teaching are super cool.  We are teaching a man named Dennis who is on date for March 23.  Missionaries have been teaching him for some time now and the main hold up for him in the past was coming to church.  He has been coming now though for about a month and he really loves it.  He is gaining a strong testimony of the Restored Gospel and loves to learn.  He is progressing so well that we have talked about moving his date forward a couple weeks because we feel he is prepared.  

     The Frostad brothers are the other two people we have on-date.  Theirs' is an interesting case.  They are the epitome of what a dry mormon would be.  They were raised in the church, going actively for years, as their mom is a member of the church.  Their dad is not, however and would not approve of them being baptized from what I understand.  Now that their older though, the oldest one wants to serve a mission, which of course, of necessity would require him to be a member of the church.  So his dad gave them approval to be baptized.  Being basically raised in the church, there is not really anything to teach them though that they do not already know.  They are super awesome though and I am super excited to see them get baptized.

     In our finding efforts, we have found 3 new people to teach, one of which seems super legit.  his name is Colton, and when we tracted into him, asked us to come back, and when we did, we were able to share the message of the Restoration with him and his mom.  Colton especially had felt the spirit and told us he would like to continue to learn more.  We have another lesson with him this week and can share more as we get to know him better.

   Well I have to go now,  sorry this is such a short email, but next week, things should be back to normal.  I am excited to be in the area and do all I can to help the work progress forward.  I love you all and hope you have a great week

Elder Stacey

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