Monday, October 15, 2012

Two Baptisms 10/15/2012

     Hey hows everybody doing?  We just got our transfer calls and Elder Isaacson and I are both staying another 6 weeks.  It is really exciting for me to be staying in Moses Lake for 1 more transfer.  The members here are wonderful and we have been working with them a lot my stay here.  One goal we have made for this upcoming transfer is to help both of the wards put more of an emphasis on the focus five list.  I don't know if the focus five is a church-wide program or just a program in this mission, but it is totally inspired to help the members and the missionaries coordinate work together and help us work together.  I have seen some success stories just in Moses Lake alone.  

     Anyway, we did have a great week that ended with a way awesome weekend as we were able to see two baptisms.  It was a really busy weekend, and stressful.  For me baptisms are really great and spiritual, but stressful as I feel like I need to make sure everything goes perfectly.  In my estimation, they both did.  Forests baptism has been one of my highlights in Moses Lake.  The spirit was so strong the whole time.  Forests nonmember sister and son and their families came to the baptism and they loved it.  Forest has been the most converted and prepared person I have ever met at by the time he was baptized.  One thing that I have learned from Forest is how, at times, the sacrament can be taken for granted by us.  The thing Forest was most distraught about after his baptism was that he would be going into surgery this week and would miss taking the sacrament for his first time for two weeks because of that.  When we let him know that he would be confirmed before the sacrament was administered, he lit up and was so excited he would be able to take the sacrament this week.  That is the joy of a person who completely understands the atonement of Jesus Christ and his role in our lives, and I am thankful to be able to know Forest and learn from his example.  

     The other baptism this week was not actually a convert baptism, but a baptism of a girl whose family I have gotten really close to in Moses Lake, the Hopkins.  Her name is Alexis, and it was a great opportunity for her and her family.  Elder Bernards came up actually this weekend so he could baptize her, so I was able to see him as well this week.  Like I said, the Hopkins family is a family I have come really close too and they have been going through a rough patch, and I really think this baptism was a needed spiritual boost for them.  

     Other than the weekend, we did have a good week.  We spent some time doing service for people, and we did a lot of tracting and street contacting, but we did not find any new investigators this week.  We were really busy however this week and are excited to work hard this transfer.  There is a lot I want to talk about but I can't think of anymore right now=( so I  hope you have a wonderful week.  Love you all.

Elder Stacey

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