Thursday, October 11, 2012

Moses Lake Is A Great Place To Be A Missionary 10/08/2012

Hi Everyone,   

 I love general conference!!!  I love listening to the prophet and others of the Lords servants.  I would have to say that the talk that I feel spoke to me the most was the talk given by President Monson in priesthood session about seeing people not as they are, but how they can become.  That talk I feel applies particularly to missionary work.  As you go out to meet people, it really is crucial that you see them through Gods eyes and in the potential they have than in seeing every little thing that needs to be fixed in their life.  Since I've been a missionary, I think one of the greatest lessons that I have learned so far is just that, to not judge people based on what they look like, or what they do, or how they talk, etc.  I am not perfect at it, but I know I have come to love the people I meet regardless of how they treat us or whether or not they accept our message and change because of it.  

Anyway though, we  had a wonderful week last week.  The highlight of the week was in finding a family who had been taught somewhat by the missionaries in the past.  They are the neighbors of some members and they told us to go knock on their house, so we did.  This family is such an awesome family.  They love the Bible and have great testimonies of our savior, but don't like organized religion.  They told us that when they had met with the missionaries in the past, that they were given a Book of Mormon to read and didn't really feel anything when they read it, so they just put it away.  We talked with them a lot about the Book of Mormon, its origins, and its role in the church.  We talked about how it wasn't meant to replace the Bible, but to go with the Bible, to be read together, and together the two books become a powerful witness of the Savior.  We helped them overcome many misconceptions they had about the Book of Mormon and when we were done, the father (James) told us he felt the spirit and was now intrigued to read the book.  They are a way nice family and have a lot of potential in the future.  

We met with Hernan and Amada this week and they are still progressing.  We talked about baptism with them again and asked them what they feel would be the greatest holdup for their family.  They responded by saying that they know they need to be baptized, (and to me, they sound like they want to as well) but they want to be able to make it more of a priority in their lives first and be able to feel like they can put their whole hearts into it.  We explained that there is not likely to ever be a "convenient" time in their lives in which everything is calm, but they can be and feel ready by reading the Book of Mormon, Praying as a family, and coming to church.  They committed to do all three, and they did come to conference and loved it.  

Forest is getting baptized on on Saturday!!!  He has invited all his nonmember family to the baptism and they are coming.  As well as a nonmember neighbor who he invited.  he's not a member yet, and he's doing great missionary work already.  he is so prepared and excited for his baptism.  More details to come next week.  Those were the highlights of the week.  

Elder Isaacson and I are loving working together and being in Moses Lake.  It is a great place to be a missionary.  I love you all and hope you have a great week.

Elder Stacey

p.s.  By the way mom, I did get the package with the ties and the Halloween package as well.  Thank  you so much, I love the ties.  Thanks for all you do.  For all your support and prayers.  I am thankful to have a family at home who supports me out here.

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