Monday, March 5, 2012

No Subject 2/27/2012

  Well this week was kind of a slow week for us.  Because Monday was a holiday, we took our p-day on Tuesday.  They say that holidays are good days to go out proselyting because people are home, but that was not the case for us.  Hardly anyone was home and we weren't able to teach many lessons.  Tuesday, like I said, was p-day, and Wednesday was our zone conference, all the way down in Hayden Idaho.  This was a very spiritual zone conference on the Book of Mormon, and how we need to use it.  President Palmer gave the whole mission a challenge at zone conference, which we have now extended to a couple of our investigators and that I will extent to you=).  He told us to get a clean copy of The Book of Mormon and in it mark three different parts in it.  In one color, we are to highlight any reference made to the Savior Jesus Christ.  In another, highlight any attributes given about Christ.  In the third, mark any place where Jesus Christ is talking himself, or where it says "Thus sayeth the Lord" etc.  He also challenged us to have it done by mothers day.  Doing it myself has been really great.  I know that The Book of Mormon teaches and testifies about the Savior, but to be able to visualize all those instances where it talks about him has made me view it in a different light and I can't explain why.  It has really been strengthening my own testimony of The Book of Mormon.  We also found out in zone conference who our new mission president will be.  His name is president Mullen, and he is from Orem.  It's going to be yet another one of those bittersweet moments when president Palmer leaves and president Mullen comes.  You really do come to love your mission president I've found out.  We didn't actually get back from zone conference until about 8:40 so we didn't teach anyone that day either=(.  Friday we spent a bit of the day traveling down to Sandpoint Idaho, to go on exchanges with the elders there, and I spent Friday in Sandpoint.  We taught a couple of 7th Day Adventist missionaries and decided that was a case in point about the power of using The Book of Mormon.  Mostly it was a case against us.  My companion spent the whole time Bible bashing them with scriptures about the usual with them; 7th day worship and the spirit world.  It really didn't get anywhere and the spirit was definitely not present.  You can Bible bash with people all day long and get absolutely nowhere with it, because everyone can interpret the Bible differently when it sits by itself.  The Book of Mormon is that essential companion that not only testifies of the Bible, but clarifies it as well.  I love The Book of Mormon.  All of our investigators were either out of town, or we were too busy to teach them, or I was on exchanges when they were taught, so I don't really have anything to update about them, except that they are all doing great and were all at church, and that I am quite excited for March 10th.  Other than that, I hope everyone has had a good week.  Love you all and hope you have another good week.

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