Monday, October 17, 2011

My First Week October 10, 2011

Dear family,
     I really appreciate all the letters and e-mails I've recieved from everyone.  It's good to know that your all doing well.  The first week here in Chewelah has been really eventful and a little stressful as well.  Your right Michelle it is pop 15 and a tire swing, but you forgot to mention all the dogs and cats.  I'm fairly confident that dogs outnumber people 2-1 in the average household and cats are 2-1 to the dogs.  Their EVERYWHERE!!!  But it has rained 5 out of the last 7 days and it's getting cold already=(. My companion is a great person, his name is Elder Dees and he's from Panama City Florida, which is apparantly about an hour or two away from Sacramento....and by that I mean Tallahassee(if thats how you even spell it.)  He is really into music and he actually plays the French Horn as well.  We live in a little shack house thats owned by some members that they bought pretty much only to rent to the missionaries, but I think it's actually bigger than Jons house=P.
     Despite the intense smallness of Chewelah, (and we actually have three towns next to it in our area that make Chewelah look like a booming metropolis) the people here are great and I feel like theres been a lot of success here in the past.  This week we had a few appointments fall through, but we've been working with a lot of part member families with pretty good success.  One of which being the Fraziers.  They got married about 2 months ago and moved to Chewelah about 1 month ago.  The wife is a member, but was less active when we met them.  The ward helped them move into their house and after that Richard(the husband) started asking questions about the church, so we started teaching him.  We actually committed him to baptism on the first lesson, although he doesn't have a date, he wants to keep seeing us and learn more about the gospel.  He is a great guy and wants to be the best person he can. 
     The other big family we've been working on are the Flemings, who are also a part member family.  The parents are an older couple who's children have all moved out and are in college and what not.  So they decided to adopt 3 children from Ukraine.  Theres a girl who's 14 and 2 boys who are 13 and 11.  They've only been in the US for about 2 weeks so they pretty much don't know any english, which has made it very difficult to teach them, notwithstanding their incredibly high amount of energy and short attention span.  Theres a family in the ward who speaks a little Russion, (which the children understand)which has helped a ton.  But we're trying to find a translator who speaks fluently and prefferably Ukrainian.  It's just kind of hard in such a small town.
     I have learned so much about how to teach now that i've gotten to teach real people instead of all that dumb role playing in the mtc.  Role playing i guess isn't so bad and you do learn a lot from it, but it's so much nicer to be able to teach real people.  Like I said, it has been a little stressful this first week because I feel like I don't know whats going on at first, but I think I'm getting the hang of it now.  Tracting still freaks me out though.  One thing I wish I did was ignore the little pamphlet that they sent with my mission call and gotten another suit.  Between the months of Oct and April aka confrence. we are required to where suits everywhere we go, and having a third one would be pretty nice I think.  Also I'm not sure how much I'm actually gonna use my bike.  My companion has been out for a little under a year and a half and he hasn't had to use his bike yet, but we'll see, it depends on the area your sent to.  I guess i should probably get going now.  I'm looking forward to another good week and I'm excited to hear from you all by next monday.  Love you
   Elder Stacey

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