Monday, October 17, 2011

First P-Day Wed. Sept. 21, 2011

   Hey family, this is my first  preparation day, exactly one week after i got here.  I have gone through a bunch of emotions in the one week I've already been here, first of all, anger at this keyboard for being the dumbest keyboard on the planet(If I make mistakes, I promise that It's the keyboard).  But mostly i started out feeling really inadequate when I first got here.  THey kindof just throw you in from day one and see how you do.  IT was really stressful at first, but everyday I've been here, I've grown more and more in my appreciation for being here. Every single night I get down to say my prayers I get more and more grateful for what I've learned here.  One thing I"ve decided is that there just isn't enough time to do everything you need to do in one day.  Every time personal study is over I feel like there is so much more to be studied.  I've got a great district, and 2 great companions.  to answer your question mom, he wasn't very happy at the time you saw him.  He's been having some anxiety problems and only recently has he began to calm down.  He was origionally going to Chile but because of the stress of learning a language they switched him to this mission.  the 3rd missionary that you were referring too in your first e-mail was actually a no-show.  We don'tknow what happened to him but he never came.  I've got somegreat teachers who have some very insightful and great ways of teaching, and I've learned quite a bit from them.  One thing that Brother Strong (one of my instructers) has had us do that I have found to be good is after every prayer you say kneeling to the Lord, is to just sit there quietly after the prayer for a few moments and take in what was said in the prayer.  I'ts something that I've found has made my personal AND group prayers more meaningful to me and I challenge you to try it as well in all of your prayers.  I forgot the questions that you asked medad so i'll answer them in a different letter =D .  I love the MTC so much and I can't wait till i actually get to the field.  The "investigators" that we've had so far and the lessons we taught them have got consistently better I feel.  I've been able to recognize promptings from the spirit a lot better since my first lesson.  Of course our TRC didn't go so well, but I'm not going to worry about that since they pay these people to comein and make your first talk with them the most difficult thing in the world.  I've really enjoyed all of the letters that i've recieved from Mom, Dad and Michelle.  By the way Mike, happy birthday today!!!!!  It was nice to here that you were so excited.  I've also loved to see Mom and Dad in the mtc a couple times.  In Michelles first letter she said that she was listening to ( I wantto say church music) in the car and I just wanna say that I've gained so much more of an appreciation for music since I"ve been here at the MTC.  One of my biggest regrets now that I'mhere isthat i didn't practice the piano more.  TO me, music-especially church music-is a great way to express your lvoe to god, sort of like a very personal meaningful prayer to him.  I'm glad to see that Sister Stacey is doing so well.  SHe has been a great influence to me as I was preparing to leave.  anyway I'm about out of time so i'll just close by saying I hope everyones been doing well, and the Rockster. and also I know it's been on your mind mom so yes, I have shaved, I made my bed, and I have a clean room everyday.
  Love you all,
      Elder Stacey

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