Monday, October 17, 2011

The Home Stretch Sept. 26, 2011

Dear family,
       HAHAHAHAHAHAHA,  I have to watch that abducted show Michelle.  if it is so bad that you don't even need rifftrax to make fun of  Plus it's got the WORST, most un-emotional actor ( if you can even call it that) in the world.  First of all, tahnks everyone who have sent me letters, e-mails, and dear elders.  I love them and it's so good to hear that the family is doing so well.  Thanks especially to you mom for sending stuff everyday.  It really helps me to get through the day so hear from you.  I'm also really glad to hear that dad will get a secretary was it?  So that he can spend more time at home.  Emily thanks for sending your family picture and that really cute coloring that Ella did.
       It's really hard to believe that I've already been here for 2 weeks, and that I only have 4 days left at the MTC.  This week was both a great week and a hard week.  hard for a couple reasons, but most of all was the fact that one of my companions left for home on friday.  He left for anxiety reasons, but I could tell that he wasn't puting his full heart and soul into the work.  In my opinion he wanted the mission to be a great experience that would help him grow, but have absolutely no stress attached, and when he found out that it did, just gave up right there and then and didn't try from that point forward.  I know that he could have gotten through it if he just had stuck with it and had faith that Christ could be there with him, and it is hard to see someone quit at what you (and probably they too) know is the best thing they can be doing because they don't trust in the power of the Lord.  I'm still praying for him and I hope the best for him and hope that he can turn to the Lord when he's feeling overwhelmed.
       On a lighter note, a member of the 70 and the MTC president both came into our class for a while last week and that was a really neat experience.  the 70, who is Japanese and I don't remember how to spell his last name, is actually speaking sunday afternoon in conference and is talking about the miracle of missionary work.  So when you hear his talk, thats the one who came into my class.  A really awesome thing happened while he was in there.  one of the missionaries in my disctricts father went to Japan on his mission, and it just so happens that he trained the missionary who converted this general authorities wife.  when they moved to the US she had been trying to ge ahold of him, but she couldn't find him.  When they came to our class though the missionary (Elder Nelson) found out that his dad knew where this old missionary was and was able to give her his phone number.  It's really cool to see how the Lord shows that he cares about his children, that after all this time for this sister wanting see what happened to the missionary who baptized her, and her prayers were answered. 
     I love the MTC and I love being a missionary.  My testimony of Christ and this gospel have grown so so much in 2 weeks. As well as my excitement to meet and love the people who I'm going to serve.  At one of the MTC devotionals I thought to myself as they were talking that right now my biggest fear is that when I get on the plane to go home in 2 years is that I can think to myself that there is more that I could have done on my mission. Because that regret will stay with me forever.  So I made a commitment as early as possible to myself, and to the Lord, that I would be exactly obedient and loving to the mission and the people in the mission so that I can have the most productive mission and blessed mission that I can have.  That when I do get on the plane, taht I can think to myself that I did everything I could for the Lord and his church.  I'm so gratefull and fortunate for this opportunity and I'm not going to waste it.  I feel like theres so much more i want to tell you all, but theres jsut not enough time to say it.  I love you all and I'll talk to you next week, and hope you're all doing well.
         Elder Stacey

Elder Stacey and Elder Martinez

  P.S. mom, when I see you again, I'm going to need more pears if thats possible, they only lasted 10 min once i got back to the dorm.

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