Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Sweet Finding Miracle 6/03/2013

     Okay so I actually do have some time to email today.  It's been kind of a crazy day.  It's been a great week in Spokane.  Okay, so first of all, I thought Utah Spring weather was unpredictable.  It doesn't hold a candle to Spokane.  One minute it might be pouring rain on you, and 5 minutes later it could be a perfectly sunny day.  It makes it kind of hard to know what kind of weather to prepare for.  It kind of seems like you just choose to sweat in a coat or endure the rain without one.
     Kristen Coffman, who is one of the on-dates in our area came to church with her mom this week.  That was so awesome and you could tell that they were so happy to be there.  Sister Coffman bore her testimony and it was so heartfelt.  We weren't able to meet with them, this week, however, so we don't know if there is still some confrontation regarding Kristin being baptized.  Either way, she is way excited for June 29th.  
     Heather was out of town this weekend, and we weren't able to teach her.  We were able to teach Walker, however and it was a good lesson.  Walker is so cool.  He isn't even a member yet and the young mens leaders say that he knows as much or more about the gospel than other priests in the quorum.  He is pretty enthusiastic as well about his baptism and we are doing all we can to prepare him for that.
     We had a sweet finding miracle this week.  A couple weeks ago some sister missionaries street contacted this guy named Justin and invited him to church.  The next day, we street contacted him as well and did the same thing, and he was interested in coming.  He didn't come to church that week, but this last week we went over to his apartment to see if we might be able to teach him.  He was home and we taught him the Restoration.  He has almost no religious background, but he really wants to learn more about God and about Jesus Christ.  We invited him to pray at the end of the lesson, which he did.  When we were done, he said, "Well that was the first prayer I have ever given."  We asked how it felt and he felt great, he then asked, "do you always feel this way when you pray?"  you could tell that he was touched by the spirit and it was a real cool experience to see that change of heart so instantaneously.  He was out of town this weekend, but we will be meeting up with him later this week.
     Things in the area are going well.  The members are awesome, the people are awesome, and I love serving here.  I hope you all are doing well and have a great week.  Love you=)

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