Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Beautiful Week 5/28/2013

Good day, how are things for everyone???  We had another great week here in Spokane.  So because of Memorial day, our p-day is today instead.  Yesterday we spent out biking in the rain and talking to as many people who were out braving the rain storms (there weren't many).  To answer your question mom about zone conference, President Mullen doesn't have us give trainings in zone conference, but once a month we have a zone training meeting, where the whole zone meets and we give a training.
     Last week we had a breakthrough with Heathers son, Walker.  The kids have been so busy we haven't really talked to them or taught them in a while, so this last Tuesday was really important.  We put Walker on date though and he is preparing to be baptized in July.  This is huge because Heather has said she wants her son to baptize her, so that is just one more concern out of the way for her, but we know there is still something holding her back.  She also just cancelled our appointment today so I will have to update that in a couple weeks.
     We have been teaching a part member family for a while now.  Theresa was baptized years ago and really likes the church, but just doesn't come.  Her children love the church and are some of the most spiritually minded children I have ever seen.  They just want to know about God, about Christ and our purpose on Earth.  They have great questions and are very sincere about them.  Two weeks ago we put the daughter, Kristin, on date for June 29th.  Since then, however, her dad, who is not a member, has been putting up some objections.  Kristin really wants to get baptized, and  Theresa really wants her to as well.
     We contacted a lady who was living in the home of a former investigator.  She was not interested at first, because she is a Lutheran, but as we talked about the church and testified of a modern prophet, her interest was peaked.  We came back for a return appointment, and taught the full Restoration.  She is so interested in the church, and in the Book of Mormon.  During the visit she asked if she could be both Lutheran and Mormon, and if she could use the Book of Mormon in her Bible study class.  I really pray that she will be able to follow the spirit as we continue to teach her, but it could be too much of a cultural change for her right now.
     As far as people progressing this week, thats about it.  We have been able to have some first lessons with people and hopefully we'll meet with them again, but flaky people are all over the place here, so we have yet to see.  It is a beautiful week though, and school is almost out, so people will be home more.  Love you all and hope you have a great week, and be safe in your travels as well=)

Elder Stacey

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