Monday, April 22, 2013

Zone Leader Duties 4/22/2013

Good morning everybody,

     Last week was a great week.  It was a busy week as well.  The weather has been a bit colder this last week and it's been raining off and on this whole week as well, but the trees are in bloom at it is beautiful in Spokane.  First off, to answer a couple of your questions, yes Sis. Lambert was one of my primary teachers, one of the only ones that I remember real well too, so tell her “Hi” for me.  Also you asked what some of my duties are as a zone leader.  In short; meetings.  Every month, we have a zone leader council (now called missionary leader conference, because the church has created an official leadership title for sister missionaries called "sister trainer leaders" that are to go to those meetings as well.) We talk about the progress of the mission and what we can do to continue to improve. We also regularly meet with the stake president in our zone and with our mission president to coordinate missionary efforts at a stake level.  Other leadership meetings are included as well throughout the transfer.  We also have the responsibility to council other missionaries in our zone who might be struggling with the work or other matters.  We get to spend a lot of time doing things and preparing things for other missionaries, and I really enjoy having the opportunity to serve them in that capacity, and to be involved more in their efforts.

     As far as things went this week, we had a lesson with Heather on Tuesday.  Like I said, we are focusing on the commandments with her, and we have continued that.  We taught the topics of ‘chastity’ and ‘tithing’ to her.  Tithing was a real important one to cover for her, because she has been aware of it for a while, but didn't really know what it was and it kind of intimidated her.  We had a member there who bore a powerful testimony of tithing and Heather’s fears of that have really decreased.  She is still hesitant on baptism however, and we really don't know what's still holding her back.

     On Wednesday, we taught a part member family in the ward - the Coffmans.  Sister Coffman is a member, but none of her younger children are.  We stopped by and she welcomed us to come and teach the family.  Her son has had a lot of questions regarding the Plan of Salvation, and she couldn't answer them all herself, so it seems like she was really happy to have us come over.  We taught the Plan of Salvation on Wed, and it was well received.  We have a standing appointment with them on Wednesdays to teach them.

     Thursday was a pretty busy day.  We had a leadership meeting that lasted into the afternoon.  We had a lesson with a recent convert, Jordan, teaching the new member lessons, had a meeting with President Larsen (the stake president) and then after that,  we went on exchanges with some other elders in the zone.

     Friday we met with a lady who was getting baptized (from a YSA ward) the next day.  Long story short, we got a call on Tuesday from the missionaries who had been teaching her in another stake, and found out that she actually lived in our area, and that her bishop wanted her to get baptized into this ward.  It was a pretty stressful few days that followed - trying to get things worked out between the two wards -  how it would all work with her records and all.  It was eventually all sorted out and she was able to be baptized last Saturday.  Even though I hardly knew her, I could feel of her desire and enthusiasm to make that commitment with our savior.  As always, the baptism was wonderful.

     We have not been able to make contact with Skyler, so he is no longer on date=(  He has been busy with work and he lives pretty far away from us, so we can't just stop by any time.  We hopefully can meet with him sometime this week. 

     Other than that, we have spent a lot of time finding.  We had a mission-wide goal of inviting as many people as we could on Church Tours Saturday, which was awesome.  This week, there is a goal of every companionship in the mission to extend at least 1 baptismal invitation everyday for the whole week, which is awesome as well.  I'm super excited for this week and the miracles that are in store.  Thanks for all you do and for your prayers.  They help so much.  I am WAY excited to call home for mothers day as well, I can't wait=) Love you all and have a great week this week.

Love,   Elder Stacey

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