Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Transfer 3/25/2013

    Good afternoon=)  Hows it going???  It is a beautiful Spring day here, the sun is shining and it is super nice outside.  Well as I said last week, we had our transfer calls yesterday, and I am leaving the West Terrace and Geiger Heights wards.  I am leaving the Spokane West area and going to the Spokane North area, which will be more in the center of the city.  I'm super excited.  It's just been one transfer, but in one transfer, I feel that we accomplished so much.  When I first got here, we didn't have a huge teaching pool, and nobody was progressing save a few.  We went out and just filled every minute teaching and finding, and, as I said before, have been blessed so much.  We have found some great people who are so prepared.  I really just feel I have gained a much stronger testimony of Christ and of his Gospel in this transfer.

     Also, the first wave of increasing missionaries have officially hit our mission.  Today, 34 new elders and mostly sisters came to the Spokane mission field, and President Mullen has said that, as of last week, there are 90 missionaries (including the ones that came today) who have calls to the Spokane mission.  This area is actually getting split;  Elder Christensen and his new companion will be taking over the West Terrace Ward, and some sister missionaries will be sweeping into the Geiger Heights ward.  The work is truly hastening.

     One of the highlights of our week was hearing that Marcus and Melissa were baptized and confirmed over the weekend.  That was one of the saddest parts about leaving Moses Lake for me, was that I would miss their baptism.  They were baptized though, and apparently, it was such a spiritual baptism.  They were so ready and enthusiastic for that commitment.

     Dennis's baptism was this weekend as well and was amazing.  He has a powerful testimony of the Restoration of the Gospel and particularly about the Book of Mormon.  After his baptism, he bore his testimony of how the Book of Mormon has helped strengthen his knowledge of Christ and he is so converted.

     We had a lesson with Jim Tso and his family.  They are doing great and Jim has been reading and praying about the Book of Mormon.  Deidra, the daughter, loves to learn more about the church and about the Gospel.  Miranda, the mother is becoming more interested as well.  We had two lessons with them this week, and they expressed their gratitude for us coming over and teaching them.

    We had a church tour with Corey this week and he brought a couple of his friends over.  I wasn't there, because we were on team-ups with members of the ward, but from what I hear, it was great.  Corey is super sincere, but like I've said before, hasn't had the greatest experience with spiritual things, and has somewhat of a difficult time remembering to read, pray, and make it a priority.  We have sent him messages everyday to read the scriptures, which he has done, but has a difficult time remembering to pray.  That is mostly what they talked about in their lesson, and he has committed to pray every day.

     I don't remember if I talked about Joe Eisenhart last week, but he is someone who missionaries tracted into in downtown Spokane, but lives out here.  He is super prepared and really wants the gospel in his life, but his family is really opposed to the church and his decision, so he has not been able to meet with us as often and it has been hard to get him to come to church.  He is a great guy though and we keep praying that his families hearts will be softened.

     Despite the great week we had last week, we were still a little disappointed to come to church and have none of our investigators come.  It was honestly kind of a downer day until the end, when we received a call from Jim Tso.  He called to let us know that he had been reading and praying religiously to know that what we've taught is true, and he has seen numerous blessings come this week.  He has found a job, a new home and great opportunities for his family.  He told us that he feels that is the answer to his prayers that God is there.  He said he believes now, everything we've said to him and he wants to continue to learn more.  We have a lesson with him tonight, and we are going to again talk about baptism for the family.  I know that the family is so prepared and we pray that they will accept the invitation.

     So like I said, it's been a great transfer for us, and I am excited for my new area.  I love being a missionary and having all these great spiritual experiences.  I can think of no better place to be right now than right here.  I love you all and like always, pray for you often.  I hope all is going well in your lives.  Thanks for all you do and for all your support.  Love you all=)

Elder Stacey

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