Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Good To Hear From You Monday, May 7, 2012

     Hey everybody, it's good to hear from everyone this week and I guess last week as well since I didn't get to read any emails last week(btw mom I did appreciate that you send your letter to me.  It was nice to get something in the middle of the week.).  Sounds like a lot of great things are going on at home right now.  RYAN IS MARRIED!!! oh my goodness that's weird for me to think about.  I have only met his wife once, but she seemed like a really good girl and I am so happy for them.  Make sure they know I love them and I'm thinking about them.  Does Ryan have a new address now that I would need to write him at?  It's nice to hear how well Michelle and Mike are doing as well, if not a little stressful it sounds like.  Some exciting things have been going on in Libby as well.  I got a new companion as I said last week and we've been spending a lot of time last week getting to know the ward and going through the ward list and finding less active members.  The second task is easier said than done since a few years ago Libby changed all the addresses for the whole town to make it easier for emergency workers.  And since less active people either rarely or never go to church, we don't have updated addresses for them, so it gets kind of frustrating.  Not to mention that the address change has made it harder for the emergency workers as well since homes have more than one address now, so the point of doing that, it seems, was really only to create mass confusion and to make it harder to find the hermits.  We have kind of hit a snag with Linda Dabel as well.  Nothing too serious, but it just occurred to us that since she was once a member we'll have to go through the bishop in order to make any decisions regarding baptism and he's been out of town for about a week and a half now.  Also we are double checking to make sure her records have actually been removed before we try to make any plans on setting a date for her to be baptized.  She is doing great though, as well as her husband, and the Caldwells.  It really was a miracle that the Caldwells found a place when they did and practically the next day Bro Caldwell found a job as well.  Linda new that was an answer to her prayer and it increased her faith so much about putting trust in the lord.  We tracted into a lady a couple weeks ago whos father was baptized a member of the church later in his life, married a member, and was sealed in the temple.  She had never really investigated the church before, but was open to learn more because of how it changed her father.   We took her, her boyfriend, and one of her children on a church tour and it went very well.  The spirit was there and they want to learn more.  We have another lesson scheduled with them later this week.  Sharon Goodenough has not been doing so well.  I don't know if I have talked about them much recently but Sharon is the grandmother, Nick is the father, and Alisha is the step-mother.  Well things have not been going well with Nick.  He has relapsed quite a bit since he said he would sober up and it is wearing down on the family.  The family is going to find out this week if Nick will have to leave the house and custody of the children will be given to the grandma.  I really hope that is what will happen because Alisha and Sharon don't need that negative influence right now.  It would benefit Nick as well because it's obvious that he will not change his ways the way things are going right now.  something drastic needs to happen to him and this could be the thing that gets him to realize he needs to change.  I think thats about all I have to share right now.  I love it here and the weather is beautiful.  The people are wonderful and I am looking forward to another great week.  Love you all

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