Monday, January 16, 2012

Email from Kevin 1/09/12

  Well we just went through the first week of January, but it felt like the first week of May.  We have had an unusual heat wave here in East Washington and I'm almost wondering if winter decided to go away this year.  We hit a high of 48, and I'm thankful that happened to be the day that we did a bunch of street contacting.  Tracting in 50 degrees is a lot more fun than tracting in 8 degrees.  Heather showed up to church yesterday for her first time, and it was a very spiritual experience for her I think.  There were some great testimonies borne by the members and the spirit was definitely there.  I think I've talked about our two awesome ward missionaries, Sis. Pugh and Sis. Merl.  Well, they are awesome. They were called late November and have been on fire ever since.  They go out at least once a week to see less active families, part-member families, and our female investigators and former investigators.  With the help of our ward mission leader and missionaries, we've been able to get so much more done and more effectively.  I have gained a real testimony of working with the ward to find people to teach.  I've only been here for 4 months.  I don't know anyone.  The members have been here for years and know everyone.  I've found if you have a direction to go, then your work is so much more effective, and the members give you that direction. I also feel when you have the members trust, and that instant support for investigators, I feel it helps them to feel more comfortable and gain a lasting testimony of the gospel.  We have a few church tours scheduled with non-members this week and the members have been more than willing to accompany us and help us out wherever they can.  On another note.  James, who just got baptized last month is doing great.  He has offered to go out with us a couple times, and he should be going with the ward this weekend to do baptisms for the dead in Spokane.  He and Chris Larkin should both have the priesthood next week.  They will make awesome missionaries if they decide to go, and I hope they do.  Other than that things are going good.  We'll be meeting with some potentials this week, as well as meeting a few less active families.  On Saturday Elder Holland will be speaking to our mission and I am super excited for that.  Apparently within the past year this mission has gotten to hear from Elder Bednar, Elder Perry, and now Elder Holland.  That's all I have time for, have a good week  and I'll talk to you again next week. Love you all.
Elder Stacey

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