Monday, November 7, 2011

October 31, 2011

Whats up family
     I can't believe it's already Halloween.  This Halloween is going to be pretty fun since it's our p-day, and after 6, we're not supposed to go out proselyting, so we're just gonna go around and visit with some of the members and get to know some of them better.  This week has been a much slower week than some of the others.  We had a way long meeting with the mission president about how to best utilize the time we have with the campaign and keep the members enthusiastic about it.  (I'll tell you what didn't help, was having a 3 and a half hour long presentation to the ward members about how to make a profile instead of normal church.)  But there were some very helpful insights about how to get the members more involved in the campaign because it will be so much more effective if they can participate in helping their friends, co-workers, etc. to know why the church is doing this and to help them to learn more.  We have done sooo much service this week compared to some of my past weeks, which was pretty fun.  We haven't had as many lessons with our investigators this week.  Bro Frazier has been avoiding us whenever we've come over lately, and apparently been somewhat distant from his family as well and we don't know what the problem is, so we plan on asking his wife this week what we can do to help.  I don't remember if I've told you about Leslie Ferrell before, but she's great.  she is a single lady who is currently having some breathing problems due to smoking issues.  But the missionaries tracked into her about a week before I arrived here.  Whenever we've taught her, shes been very receptive.  She is very enthusiastic to learn and we have now committed her to be baptized.  She wants to learn more and has such a good spirit.  I had an experience this week that really confirmed to me the power the Holy Ghost has to teach people.  The Flemings had to go out of town, so they brought in a babysitter who is friends with their oldest daughter, who served a mission in Ukraine.  We wanted to use as much time as we could to teach these kids while we had a translator and an rm as well to help us.  The other day we went over to teach Christina by herself and we had a lesson planned to teach her, but as we began to ask her some questions, I just felt that we needed to go a different direction than we had origionally planned.  We were able to uncover some real struggles that she was having.  It was the perfect time to be able to talk with her because her parents were gone and she was able to just open up and tell us how she felt.  We were able to give her some advice on how to become happier and gave her a blessing which I think will go a long way, and once her parents got home she was able to talk to them as well.  That experience testified to me the power of the Holy Ghost, because without the Holy Ghost, we would never have been able to find out what problems she was having, and we would have been able to do nothing to help her.  I love the Holy Ghost and I love to share with people the gift of the Holy Ghost and what blessings they can recieve by having it.  Thats about all I have to share about this week I think.  I love you all and hope you have a great Halloween.
      Elder Stacey

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