Monday, November 7, 2011

October 24, 2011

Hey everybody!!!
     First of all I want you to know Michelle that I got your package this week.  It in fact did arrive before I even got to Spokane and was waiting for me there.  The person who saw the name Stacey must have mistaken it for Shields, because it had a piece of paper that said Elder Shields covering my name.  I guess you can mistake those two names, but this is the same elderly elder who wrote Elder Dees and me a note saying elder dees and elder staley.  So the package went home with elder shields and I didn't get it until an interview with the president last week.  Thank you so much I loved it and especially the letter.  hahahahahahahahaha I could see you saying that exact same thing.  Also thank you for all the letters and e-mails that you all have sent their much appreciated.  I also did get that package from mom and all of it's goodness as well.  graham crackers and frosting,  you know me too well.  And to answer your mailing question mom, I did get the letter you sent to my Chewelah address about 2 days quicker than the one you sent to the mission office.  Lastly, I would like to have family pictures of you all.  So if you all could send me pictures of the family that would be great=).  I already got one from Stephen and Emily so thank you for that.  I hope I didn't forget anything I kind of do that a lot since I've been on the mission, and, well I guess forever really, so forgive me if I didn't answer any of your questions.
    Anyway, this week has been a slower week for us and has been a roller coaster of good and not so good.  The beginning of the week was really slow.  We had some appointments cancel on us and we had a born again bible bashing us inside of a Mennonite bakery.  It was really awkward.  The week started to pick up a bit more as we taught an older lady named Leslie.  She is super nice and has a great desire to learn.  She doesn't want to go to church because she is a little nervous to go out into public places and she smokes, but she has already shown a desire to quit.  I'm very confident that she will choose to get baptized eventually and that is very exciting to me.  Speaking of baptism, probably the crowning moment of the week was a baptism that we had on Friday.  The bishops granddaughter got baptized and he was able to baptize and confirm her.  It was a really neat experience to watch and see how ready and excited she was to get baptized and follow Christ.  The week started to go downhill again as we went over to teach the Ukrainian children.  We had a lesson plan for them on kindness and the youngest one was being so loud that we weren't really able to teach at all.  It's been very rough for bro and sis Fleming and I pray that the kids might soon learn to respect their parents.  The youngest is going over to a members house this week and possibly every time he's dissobedient to shovel horse poo, so maybe that will help him.  I hope it does. Last week on Sunday we had dinner over at a members home, who had a nonmember friend over there with them.  We just wanted to share a quick message so we watched one of the mormon messages gave a quick testimony and left.  I found out yesterday, though, that he was so interested in the video that he'd been watching a lot of videos on and was loving them, said they gave him goosebumps.  He's very interested in what the church is doing and on his own decided he wanted to go to church and see what it was like.  We're hoping to be able to get over to that house this week and teach him a lesson. is such a cool thing that the church is doing and I feel so blessed that I got to enter the mission field the same day that it started running in Spokane.  It's spurred a lot of talk about the church and I know that it is going to do great things for the church, and if you haven't, then I strongly encourage you check it out and also make a profile on the website.  Well  I'm about out of time now so I'll talk to you all next week and I love you all.
     Elder Stacey

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