Monday, December 3, 2012

Grateful to be a Missionary 12/03/2012

Hello how are all you guys doing?  I have loved reading about Thanksgiving and it sounded like a great time.

     We started teaching some awesome people last week.  All missionary work done from recent converts as well.  The first three came from Josh.  Brittney is a niece of the Dales and has been living with them for about 8 months.  She was a member of the church, but her records were removed a few years ago.  When she first moved in with the Dales, she was not super interested in the church, but would attend to be polite.  Josh himself was not a member of the church when she moved in, so I personally think a big part of her interest came in seeing the change that came into Josh's life and the lives of the whole family after he was baptized.  One night, while we were doing the new member lessons with Josh, we invited Brittney to officially take the lessons with us and she accept.  Her concern mostly stems in the Book of Mormon, and her desire to read it.  As we taught we were able to testify about the Book of Mormon and the great impact it has had in our lives, and she has committed to read a chapter from it.  

     Marc and Melissa are a family we began teaching last week as well.  Marc works for Josh and after Josh was baptized he started asking questions about the church.  Like I said we started teaching them and took them on a church tour last week and the spirit was so strong there.  I have such a strong testimony of church tours.  Every church tour I have ever been on, the nonmember has said that they felt "something", especially in the chapel.  So anyway we took them on a church tour and invited them to be baptized on January the 5th and they accepted!  They have told us multiple times that they just want to feel God in their lives and be able to do good for other people.  They have such pure desires and I respect them so much.  

     Forest invited his grandson on a church tour and we will be going on a church tour tomorrow with Forest and his grandson.  I feel that this is another instance of someones interest being peaked because someone they were close to has changed in so many positive ways after living the Restored Gospel.  So we will have more to share on that next week, but now I have to talk about Forest and Josh for a moment.  These are two men who are truly converted to the Lord.  After they both made the commitment to follow Jesus Christ and live the Gospel, they haven't settled for anything less.  They know the commandments, and they keep them, and they don't justify doing anything else.  I respect them so much and I know they are going to do great things.  The different people of all different walks of life who are able to change as they embrace the gospel is a testimony enough to me of the truthfulness of the Gospel.  I have said this before, but I have seen the Gospel change people in so many great ways.  

I am so grateful to be a missionary right now and have cherished the experiences that I've had.  I am once again excited to be here for another transfer and work here in Moses Lake.   Love you.

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