Monday, August 20, 2012

Moses Lake is Awesome 8/20/2012

    I only have a few days to report on since I last wrote.  First of all I guess I should start with my back.  It doesn't hurt, but my companion has been going to this guy for about 2 months now.  I decided one day to ask about my posture, if my spine had anything to do with it, and if that was the case, would it be wise to do any chiropractic work on it.  He told me to set up an appointment and he would check it out.  So thats kind of what happened there.  

The last part of the week has been great.  Moses Lake is awesome.  We have had a few solid weeks where all the lessons in Sunday school and priesthood/relief society were focused on missionary work.  Because of that, we got some great referrals from members on Sunday.  Even though Amy has expressed that she is not interested at this time in learning anymore from us, she is still okay with us teaching her daughter Kylie, and something great happened there.  Originally, she wanted to wait to get baptized until her uncle got home from his mission so he could baptize her, but that is still more than a year away.  On Friday, she told us she doesn't want to wait for that and she just wants to get baptized as soon as she can.  We talked about the Holy Ghost with her and told her how much of a blessing the gift of the Holy Ghost would be in her life, and she is really enthusiastic to be getting baptized.  That baptism will be a great blessing for that whole family and I'm sure Kylie will be such a positive influence for her family.  

We had a members non-member friend show up to church yesterday.  He is actually the friend of this members daughter who is a less-active right now.  He went to church once before and afterwards he told her he couldn't believe she had left.  He felt something different in this church that he didn't feel in any other church he'd ever been to.  It intrigued him enough to come a second time and he seemed to really enjoy it.  He wants to start having the missionaries come over, so we have an appointment with him today and are praying that will go well.  Things are looking to be great this week, but even if things don't turn out the way they are planned I am working on having a good attitude anyway.  That has been a challenge for me that I know I need to work on.  Missionary work can be a roller-coaster of emotions in a week and I have learned that I need to have a good attitude and be optimistic in the ups and the downs.  Once again, I am glad to hear everybody is doing well.  Love you all and have a good week.

p.s.  random fact about Moses Lake I learned this week.  Moses Lake and other cities in Central Washington are part of an extensive irrigation system, that began during the great depression, starting at the Grand Coulee Damn, and ending somewhere by the Tri-Cities.  Water is pumped directly from the Columbia river and travels down a series of reservoirs, and all the unused water ends back up in the Columbia.  Because of this, there is basically infinite water supply for the farmers around here, and the water, I guess, is uber cheap.  This is why there is such a heavy LDS population in Moses Lake, because when this irrigation system began, land was really cheap and a ton of LDS farmers from Utah moved up here so they didn't have to compete.

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